Access, Consult, and Engage
More Patients and Colleagues!


Medical Record Engagements

Fully personalized health record creation for patients. Patients can easily add or comment on their medical records.


Connect with Physicians

Connect with any physician in your network or out of your network. Refer patients or consult with your colleagues.


Health Timeline

Comprehensive and easy to navigate view of patient's timeline health, InstaHealth! Anywhere and Anytime!

Access Your Patients' InstaHealth!

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Share Medical Records

Share all or part of your patients' medical records or InstaHealth view with patients or any other doctor, securely!


Patient Engagement

Engage your patients in their treatments. Encourage them for feedback on the services or procedures. Include them in consultations with other colleagues, efficiently and securely!


Offer Services

Provide services or procedures to your patients! Provide second opinions with transparent pricing to new patients and earn extra!

Earn Extra in Your Free Time!

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